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1. Watch maintenance precautions.

(1) When wearing the watch, the sweat on your hands is corrosive to the case, you should often wipe the sweat with a soft cloth or put on a plastic watch holder to prevent corrosion by sweat. .
(2) Do not open the back cover of the watch at will to avoid dust entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch.
(3) Do not put the watch and mothballs together in the closet to avoid deterioration of the watch oil.
(4) Do not put the watch on the amplifier, stereo or TV set to avoid magnetization.
(5) Watches that should not be worn for a long time should be wound regularly once a month. Watches with automatic winding should be gently shaken back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for a period of time for automatic winding. So that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time to ensure the operational performance of the watch machine.
(6) If the ordinary mechanical watch is damp, you can press the dry cotton on the watch, and then bake it with a 40-watt bulb for 5 minutes, the moisture inside and outside the watch can all evaporate. If the quartz electronic watch is damp, take a few small pieces of calcium chloride and wrap it with gauze; then open the cover of the electronic watch, put the wrapped calcium chloride and the electronic watch into a sealed plastic bag or glass bottle and seal it. Generally about 3 hours to remove the moisture, so that the electronic table back to normal. For a severely wet table, you can extend the moisture absorption time appropriately.
(7) When you receive the watch and remove the outer packaging, be sure to keep the boxes used to protect the watch. These boxes for protecting the watch will give the watch the safest protection from being dropped or bumped when the watch is not being worn. Getting into the habit of keeping it in the box can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the watch.
(8) As a rule, it is best not to wear the same watch every day. You should have several different watches to alternate. In addition to enriching your personal style, you can avoid dust and body dirt concentrating on the same watch. For leather straps, be careful to avoid frequent wear and tear of the strap due to daily use, so the watch will look old even if the surface is new.
(9) Do not sleep with the watch on your wrist, and it is best to remove the luminous watch and put it on the table before going to bed.
(10) Surface refurbishment. After the watch is scratched by multiple scratches, you can first put a drop or two of water on the watch and then squeeze a little toothpaste and rub it to remove the scratches and make the watch as new.

2, watch maintenance precautions inventory:
Care of the strap
Pay attention to wear and tear and avoid friction with hard objects when wearing. Strap of other materials will have aging problem after wearing for a period of time. It is recommended to clean or replace the strap in time.

Watch mirror maintenance
Artisans recommend that you take care to avoid scratching and damaging the mirror. Scratches and damage to watch mirrors are generally irreparable and can only be replaced with a new mirror.

Maintenance of the movement
The most important part of the watch is the movement. The maintenance of the movement should pay attention to anti-magnetic demagnetization, anti-collision, water and moisture resistance. Pay attention to these can be very good to keep the movement and avoid movement movement. Damage. If you find that your watch does not keep time, please do not worry, it may be that the oil of the movement has run out. A professional watch repair technician will check the movement, clean the movement and re-add the oil.

3. Notes on watch maintenance:
How to take care of your watch on a daily basis case:
The case is a place that often needs maintenance. Because the watch is on the watch. Leaving all kinds of garbage or bacteria and stains. It needs to be cleaned regularly so as to ensure that the outer ring of the watch rotates flexibly and does not age; movement: the movement movement is the core configuration of the entire watch and is an important maintenance accessory. It is generally not recommended for users to operate it by themselves to avoid damaging the fine internal parts. It must be done by a professional and can ensure proper calibration. The adjustment can ensure that the up and down oscillation of the watch meets the standard requirements and can accurately point to the corresponding hour markers. 

Warranty Policy
All merchandise purchased through our website have a 12-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Our warranty policy covers any genuine manufacturing defects and product malfunctioning including the watch movements, hands and dial. In such cases, we will repair or exchange the good with a similar item.
Any daily wear and tear, deterioration, misuse, water damage, accident, cracks in wood because of drop and unauthorized repair of the product will not be covered under warranty.  However we will help our customers as much as possible.
Warranty Does Not Cover
  •  strap, bracelet , battery, case and crystal.
  • damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear and tear
  • water damage unless marked “water-resistant”
If you have a warranty claim, please contact us at '’. Please include your order number, photos of the faulty product, and brief description. We will gladly help you with the warranty process.
Please note that Final Sale purchases are not covered under our warranty. However we will help as much as possible in case our customers need help.
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