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Which watches are suitable for men of different professions?

Watches have a big impact on a man. We all know that we can't choose a watch according to our own preferences, but also pay attention to our own life scenes or occupations. Today, Wang Hui Watch Company will come together to understand which watches are suitable for men of different occupations?


The successful boss with the watch must be unique. It seems that it has become a matter of convention for bosses to wear Rolex, such as "gold and diamonds are the only way to get in and earn" and "gold and silver", which are all originated from Rolex. For the bosses, there are many brands of watches, but the gold and silver watches must be the essential one.

But most of you are beginners, not on the Forbes list of the world's richest people, and you need to choose for yourselves a watch that adds to the aura of your image.



When you have the budget, Shifenmei recommends a similar model for you. You can wear this watch in any workplace and when you are in a meeting, this watch will attract attention for you.

For the average employee

For the average employee, a proper formal watch can be the finishing touch. You don't need to choose a complicated model when choosing a formal watch, a simple basic three-hand watch is enough, which will make you look more professional and competent.

If you prefer a sporty watch, you can choose a watch that is water resistant. It will be perfect for daily commuting.

Formal wear watch: It is with formal wear to attend some business and official occasions. For example, the advanced version of talks, weddings, cocktail parties, film festivals, etc.
The shape of a watch is often related to its price and class. Watches worn on formal occasions should be dignified and conservative in shape, avoiding weirdness and newness. Men, especially those who are respectable and older, should pay more attention. The watches with novel and fancy shapes are only suitable for young girls and children. Generally speaking, square, oval, square, rectangular and diamond-shaped watches are suitable for a wide range of applications because of their dignified and conservative shape, and are especially suitable for formal occasions.

Doctors and Lawyers

For a professional profession like doctor-lawyer, professionalism, stability and confidence are essential elements, and an atmospheric and tough watch will make your aura a bit stronger too.

A man's aura, not his looks, not his height, not his wallet, not his education, just look at what he wears on his hands, the neck tied, the waist of his pants surrounded by a three-point feeling. And the most eat price is this hand wear.

The man's hands are worn in addition to the plain wedding ring, the only ornament is the watch. The gold watch is much more classy than the same style of gold bracelet, no matter how you say it. It can be seen that something like a watch on a man is really a bit of magic.

The design language of the watch is generally on the brief, classical, and the pursuit of thin and light, so wear-resistant scratch-resistant waterproof and dustproof these functions basically do not have. In addition, the formal table using precious metals and stones are more, the overall price will be relatively high. But Shifenmei's watches are very scratch-resistant, and sports watches are waterproof and sweatproof.

Are you a bride or groom about to enter into a happy married life?
Find for you a pair of identical watches suitable to commemorate your most precious wedding scene, or you can choose two watches that are different but perfectly suited to the elegance of the handsome groom and the beautiful bride. Together, count down the days to the family you have formed. We will prepare a jewelry box for you and it will be meaningful for you to wear the watch along with the rings on your wedding day.

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