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5 Best Wooden Watches Review, essential wooden watch on your own

When Eco-Friendly Choices Go All the Way to Your Wrist

Does our world seem to be suffocating in plastic and pollution? With constant dust particles in the air, the WHO has been calling on everyone to protect the environment, and with the deteriorating climate that people have been concerned about, many people are starting to think about this global problem.

The need to use environmentally sustainable goods has affected manufacturing trends and spurred change for the better

People's lives are always going on, but people are starting to look for environmentally friendly materials. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of cell phones, people are used to using them to see the time, but it is always no substitute for a watch. People don't need the trouble to look at the time, they just need to raise their hands casually.
The heavy feel of common metal watches always puts pressure on people's wrists. And leather straps always become sticky on hot summer days. And even the best leather will become wrinkled after a long time.
So to improve people's lives and protect the environment we depend on, some manufacturers have started making handmade wooden watches, which doesn't mean we need to cut down trees. But, we will put a new tree on the earth for every watch we sell, and eventually, it will become a forest.
Shifenmei is making more eco-friendly materials and is also using new research to replace our watch materials with more eco-friendly and natural materials.

1. Shifenmei-S5561 Classy



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Shifenmei S5561 watch

. One of the most popular models, he is a sporty watch that can be worn while you work out and you can't feel the heaviness. Geometric look with red edges. The dial has small hands to show more accurate timekeeping, and a calendar display. 

2. Shifenmei-S5575 Variable


S5575 Variable This watch is made from 3 types of wood: walnut, zebrawood and ebony. all Shifenmei watches are handmade, allergy free and suitable for all people, two straps in black and brown, black dial, deep and suitable for business people. Matching your suit will increase your chances of winning in the workplace.

3. Shifenmei-S5533 Protector


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S5533 Protector This watch is made for holidays anniversaries birthdays, etc. June 16, is the annual Father's Day, fathers have given a lot for our growth, father's love is like a mountain. Customize a special watch for your father to thank him for his dedication and confession of love.


4.Shifenmei-S5596 Horizons


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Shifenmei-S5596 Horizons It is a watch with metal inlaid with wood, a very unique idea. Zebra wood and blue maple wood are intertwined. The upper and lower subdials plus the calendar in the middle, just like the horizon line where the sun and moon change. The unique hands can watch the time at night.

5.Shifenmei-S5565 Eyes

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Handmade with authentic olive wood, smooth surface, wood color, with black circle and dial, three small hours, minutes and seconds dial, the most favorite watch for office workers, athletes.



Q. Can wooden watches rot?
Maybe if you bury your watch in the ground for a few years. Otherwise, you are not likely to experience wood rot since most wooden watches are treated to be water resistant. This is the same reason why wooden watches won’t become waterlogged, though we don’t recommend leaving your watch submerged in water.

Q. Are there any wooden watches without any metal parts?
No. There are always gears (at the very least) made of metal, and the hands and pins may be metal as well.

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