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What kind of Father's Day gift is more practical?

Between anniversaries, birthdays and Father's Day, it's always a good time to think about gifts for Dad.

Gifts for Dad are sometimes the hardest to buy because Dad never explicitly says what he wants. Every year you buy something and hope your dad actually uses his gift this time.

If you're not sure what to get your father (or any father figure in your life), Shifenmei is a great place to start. We receive a lot of stories between fathers and their children, which means we have something for everyone.

What does your dad look like?

Our watches are not only of the highest quality, functional, comfortable and lightweight, but they also have meaning. We like to say it's not just a watch, it's a time. Dad is always talking about "back in his day", so you might as well get him a gift that shows you've been listening.

Whether your dad is a sports fan, a veteran or an outdoor enthusiast, he will find himself represented in one of our watches or accessories, Shifenmei pieces are made from wood and other materials, handcrafted with care and attention to every part of the piece. The perfect representation of your father and his story.

With this year's gift, your father will feel like you truly know and appreciate everything about him.

Your dad is a music lover?

If your dad is a jammer and likes to listen to some classic tunes, we know he knows good music. Despite his enthusiasm, there's not always the right time or place to record a record or turn on the stereo.

When Dad can't relax at the office, he's immersed in his world, and the shifenmei watch won't let him lose track of time - this watch is perfect for music lovers who want to show off in a high profile way. It will add to your dad's vision at the singer's party.

Each watch is unique, just like your dad.

Buy your dad something high quality this year that completely represents him and his interests.

Is your dad a drink lover?

If your father enjoys a quality drink at the end of the day, chances are he appreciates the craftsmanship behind alcohol. At Shifenmei we combine the art of alcohol, traditional woodworking, storytelling and quality timepieces to create a great gift for your dad.

Do you think your dad is the coolest man when it comes to drinking whiskey, beer and tequila?


Your father was a soldier?

The materials in the Military Collection are inspired by the bravery and courage of all those who served in the military. Many of the watches in our Military Collection are tough.

A tribute to the equipment used by heroes of the past. If he is a rugged man who enjoys the art of adventure or served in the military himself, then one of these watches would be the perfect gift for your father.

Does your dad love being close to nature?

If your dad is always on the grill or in the woods and is officially classified as "outdoorsy," he might get tired of buying meat thermometers and hot sauce every year. Get your outdoorsy dad something that he'll actually use this time around. And every time he sees the time, he'll remember that this is the Shifenmei watch my favorite kid gave me.

Whether your dad is in the woods, the backyard, or has to go into the office, he can carry a piece of nature with him.

With a wide variety of woods including Burl, Ebony, Mahogany, Zebra, Ash, Oak and others, Shifenmei will excite your dad and make him feel right at home. We use only the best time-tested raw materials and strictly adhere to age-old woodworking techniques.

We are a sustainable brand that is always looking for ways to protect and appreciate our planet. All Shifenmei watches embody and respect the beauty of nature and so does your father. Watches made from sustainable materials are the perfect gift for a father who loves nature.

Your father will appreciate that Shifenmei uses sustainable materials to preserve the deep rooted features and patterns in each piece of wood and we will plant a tree for every watch sold. This year you can combine your dad's passion and style into your gift. It's a gift with meaning.

If your father is a picky and special person

If your dad doesn't fall into any of these categories and you're still not sure what to get him, we have some simple solutions.

Customize a watch for your father that is his own, that is engraved with what you want to say.

If your father is already an avid watch collector and has just received his first Shifenmei, he can follow us to perhaps get other small gifts.

Want to get the perfect gift for Father's Day this year
If you're tired of buying your dad gifts that end up untouched and sitting in a drawer somewhere, try something new this year. Give him something he has no reason to let go of. Give him something he'll be proud to have. Give your dad a gift that he will actually use.

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