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How to select a watch gift

Pay attention to the material used to make the case

The cases of many medium-priced watch brands are made of 316L stainless steel.

Some low-priced watches like to make their cases out of chrome-plated brass. If you come across such watches, you must think carefully before buying them. It is because this material is very easy to wear out. When it wears out, it not only affects the feeling, but also leaves a toxic substance on your skin.

Tungsten cases tend to be heavy, titanium is too easy to scratch, bronze oxidizes easily, and some types of porcelain can be very sensitive to impact, etc. Generally speaking I am very much against the use of case coatings. Because no matter how good the coating, it will eventually be subject to wear and tear . There are some coatings that are definitely better than others, so if you really like a case with a coating, I would recommend looking at PVD or DLC tinting.

Wooden watches are handcrafted from wood, not only smooth and comfortable, feel good, and will not pinch sweat hair, not heavy, sports life and work are suitable for wearing. Even if you are allergy prone, wooden watches will not give you any discomfort, wooden watches are just perfect as a gift.

The material used to make the crystal

A good crystal is mostly made of sapphire because it is the only one that meets the gold standard. Something else to look out for is an anti-reflective coating on the crystal. Please note that the layer must be inside the mirror, not outside it. Otherwise the probability of scratches will increase dramatically, thus ruining the appearance of the watch. The inner reflective coating should generally be 5 layers or more for the best. Curved sapphire is also very good, but also note that it is better to buy a double layer rather than a single layer. Otherwise a large amount of light distortion will affect the hand indicating vision.


The movement of the watch

There are many different types of movements, so the average buyer is not very good at identifying them. Collectors generally prefer to go for mechanical watches, but owning a quartz watch is also another pleasure. In fact, there are many great quartz watches on the market today, such as the Grand Seiko 9F, Citizen Chronomaster, FP Journe Élégance, and more.

Dial style

Each brand has its own unique highlights. This is where you have to focus on the details. Look at the dial to see if it is arranged in a simple and clear way, but rich and interesting. Often, this alone is the key to distinguishing a good watch from an inferior one. We have to pay attention to whether the elements on the dial are press-fitted or not; inferior watches usually have the pattern printed directly on the dial. We also have to look at the layers, textures and textures on the dial. It would be great if there are some handmade elements. Those who are interested can find some more unique elements from it, such as the use of porcelain, enamel, magnolia, or lacquer items in the dial.

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