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Watches can enhance a person's taste, just as successful people like to wear watches, good watches are exquisite and sophisticated, and can show the charm of men and women. A watch is also a symbol of a person's identity. Men look at watches and women look at bags, which illustrates this truth. Wooden watches are a new discovery, which do not leave marks like leather and do not pinch sweat hairs like metal.

A watch is not only a timekeeping tool, it can reflect a person's taste and character. A watch on a man's wrist can bring out a kind of temperament. A watch on a woman's wrist can highlight fashion and elegance. Wooden watches can solve the trouble of appearance, but also can well show the temperament, lightweight.


A wood watch is a timepiece which incorporates wood into the design. The casing and sometimes the strap is made from wood. The internal watch mechanism is much the same as a conventional watch.

Wood has been used to make things since human beings first started making tools. It's a sustainable and versatile material. The natural wood grain provides a beautiful starting point for the skilled watchmaker to craft a timepiece with character.


Wood is a renewable resource. Wooden watches are generally made either from a previously used source or from sustainable sources. The sustainably sourced wood means that any tree that is felled to make wooden products is replaced. This management of forests means that the resources are not depleted.

It's important that wood products are made from sustainable sources. Destruction of forests without planned replacement of the trees means loss of habitat, reduced forest diversity, and interference with indigenous peoples. Not to mention the harm it causes the earth's natural ecosystem that sustains life for all of us.


Every wood watch is unique. As a natural product, the wood used in making a watch was a living thing. It grew rather than being manufactured.

Metal or plastic watches are produced in quantities that make them economically viable. This means they are exact replicas of each other. Even the most expensive, quality watches are machined and polished to precise measurements and specifications.

The wood grain in a wooden watch is unique to each watch. No two watches are or can be identical. When you own a wood watch you have a naturally unique thing with the original grain formed by many years of tree growth.


Watches made from metal are heavy. The material used is dense and so weighs more than a less dense material such as wood. Wearing a wooden watch feels pleasant and light even though the internal workings are metal.

If you like a large watch face or a chunky design a wood watch is ideal. A metal watch can get rather heavy if it is large but this is not the case with a wood watch. It can feel as if you are not wearing a watch at all.


As a wood watch ages, it changes. Just as a piece of antique furniture acquires what collectors call a "patina" so a wood watch gains character. Age, wear and the polishing action of clothing creates a sheen.

The surface of a wood watch tells the story of its life. This is not something to worry about. Aging gracefully means the character of the wood can emerge making it even more beautiful over time.

Watches are often passed on from generation to generation. A wood watch works well as a family heirloom because of the attractive aging of the wood. It reminds the current owner of the heritage of the watch and the legacy of previous owners.


Even though wood watches are unique and attractive timepieces, they are still quite affordable. Most wood watches are not expensive. It's possible to buy a very attractive, quality men's or women's wood watch for under $100.

Look after your watch and it will give many years of service. Follow your watch manufacturers advice for the care of your watch. Many wood watches benefit from polishing with coconut oil or beeswax but avoid getting this on to the mechanism or metal and glass parts.



Whether you wear a watch for formal or informal situations, there's a design for you. Some designs work well in both situations. Think about how refined a piece of antique furniture can look and you'll appreciate how a wood watch can work in a formal context.

For those occasions when you want a fun look a lighter wood and chunkier design work well. Wood watches go very well with outdoor styles that suggest hunting, fishing or hiking.

Wearing a wood watch can also communicate your commitment to caring for the environment. People who understand the sustainability credentials of a wood watch will appreciate your ethics. This is where eco-friendliness doesn't have to be lacking in attractive design and style.


Many people find that they cannot wear a watch because they have sensitive skin. Metal and plastic watches can contain alloys or chemicals that irritate the skin. This makes wearing a watch uncomfortable or even harmful.

Wood watches are less likely to cause skin reactions because the case is made of a natural material. The material is warmer to the touch than metal and does not get hot like metal does. This means that a wood watch is less irritating to the skin.


If you want to make a statement about the environment or own a quietly stylish thing of beauty, there's a wood watch for you. You are a unique individual and can express that individuality by wearing a naturally unique original grain timepiece. Give a wood watch as a gift that says you care about the person you are buying it for and for the planet too.


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