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As a man, if someone asks you the time, do you look at your phone or your watch?

I remember reading this sentence "Smartphones are by far the most popular and loved technology products, and their rapid popularity threatens the survival of watches, alarm clocks and a host of other products." Indeed, today, watches are no longer necessary as a timepiece, not only cell phones, but also iPads, Walkmans and other electronic products can tell the time, and time information is everywhere. However, the watch is not only not eliminated, and even by more and more people's pursuit and love, why is this?

Watching the time

There are not a few people who think that "telling the time is the least important function of a watch". The most fundamental and core function of a watch is always to show the time. For example, those students, schools generally do not let students bring cell phones and other electronic products, but whether it is an exam or a class, time is necessary, and this time, the role of the watch is reflected. Some people have been wearing watches since elementary school.


Another great advantage of watches is convenience. A product like a cell phone, no matter how small or thin, is not as convenient as a watch, and let's not forget that watches were originally created for convenience. When you wash your hands, you can lift your hands to know the time, instead of waiting to dry your hands and then pull out the phone and open the screen; when you work outdoors, your hands may be dirty, if you use the phone to see the time you may have to wash your hands; when you drive, you can lift your hands to see how convenient the time is, taking out the phone to see the time not only takes things but also increases the danger.

Rest assured

Cell phones and other electronic products are easy to run out of power, even the ultra-long standby time is only a few days, unlike watches, quartz watches can be used for several years, mechanical watches can even be used for life if well maintained. When your phone is out of battery, charge it and open it again, won't you have doubts about whether the time is accurate or not? But if you wear a watch, it is much more at ease, and can also correct the phone time.

An attitude

I remember mentioning this to a beautiful woman, and she said "I like a man who wears a watch". A watch can show your attitude and taste to the outside world. A person who uses a watch to check the time is more tasteful, more time conscious, more stable and reliable than a person who uses a cell phone to check the time. A watch is the best vehicle for a person, especially a man, to show himself, and it can be said that it is a man's second business card.

An Etiquette

We all know that in some formal occasions or when communicating with others, it is inappropriate to look at your phone frequently. If you are in a meeting, looking at your phone may not seem serious enough and may even cause resentment from your boss. If you are communicating with others, looking at your phone frequently will make people think you are impatient and appear to be disrespectful to others. But if you wear a watch, you can completely sneak a glance without drawing the other party's attention, you can know the time progress in order to make a choice.

A gift

A watch is the best gift for couples, and a watch sent between couples has the meaning of confession. It will not be as difficult for men to accept as necklaces and other accessories, girlfriend (wife) to send the gift is only the most man's heart, men are willing to wear out the watch. And a good mechanical table also has a certain heritage, you and her couple table may be able to pass on to the next generation, the future to the children when speaking, how romantic.

A kind of decoration

Some people worry that the watch will become an accessory for young people, which reflects the decorative nature of the watch and some of the current situation. Compared to the chain, the watch as an accessory seems more high class. And for men, watches are one of the few suitable accessories.

The cell phone will not be the end of the watch, and the watch will not become an obsolete historical product. Whether it is used as a tool to tell time or as a meaningful accessory, the watch will never be obsolete as long as there are people who need it and people who like it.

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