Shifenmei-S5672 Six-Manifold Star

Color :
Colorful Bamboo
Maple wood color
Red sandalwood color
Gift box :
  • This watch is made of 100% natural wood and comes in 4 colorways, the woods are colored bamboo, maple, ebony and red sandalwood. There are no paints or chemicals and it is skin friendly for people with sensitive skin.

  • The name of this watch comes from the design of its dial, with the six mangoes signifying guardianship and protection. Legend has it that the six-manifold star can foresee the future and know the past. The positive triangle represents men and morality, and the inverted triangle represents women and truth. The hexagram represents the union of man and woman, the harmony of truth and morality, the norm of action and moderation.
  • His dial does not have much design, the original idea is that the lucky six mangoes watch symbolizes the eternal engagement of deep and love, and the gift and wearing of pairs of six mangoes watches between lovers is a symbol of meaning, guardianship and blessing.
  • The hexagram is loved by many people for its unique symbolism, highlighting the mystery and temperament, and moreover implying prayers and blessings for love, which is liked by many couples
  • The deep meaning contained in this novel wooden watch will fill the person who receives him with love and emotion, making it a perfect gift.


  • Brand: shifenmei
  • Watch style: Romance
  • Movement type: Japanese quartz movement
  • Strap and case material: wood
  • Clasp material: stainless steel
  • Battery: Japan imported battery
  • Battery life: 2 years or more


Strap length: 22 cm / 8.85 inches
Dial diameter: 4.5 cm / 1.77 inches
Dial thickness: 1.2 cm/0.47 inches
Strap width: 2 cm/0.79 inches
Net weight of the watch: 50 grams / 1.76 ounces
Package weight:  100 grams / 83.53 ounces


    • Do not press any buttons underwater and avoid using it in extremely hot or cold temperatures
    • It is highly recommended to clean the stains regularly with a soft cloth to keep the color bright
    • Try not to get wet or submerged in water in daily life, too much water contact will shorten the life of the watch
    • Do not knock or pull the watch hard


    • Using the packaged removal tool, push the pin from the side of the small hole to the end of the large hole as indicated by the arrow 
    • Remove the strap links and leave them in place
    • Push the pins back into the holes and reassemble the straps
    • Detailed instructions are available in the specific procedure manual


    • The case and strap surface are coated with glossy oil to make the wooden watch more attractive and protect the wooden surface at the same time. We promise it is made of 100% natural wood, not plastic
    • Not every watch color is exactly the same as the solid wood ordered in bulk. Natural colors vary slightly from each other


    • 1 * shifenmei wooden watch
    • 1 * shifenmei gift box
    • 1 * English manual
    • 1 * strap adjustment tool
    • 1 * Shifenmei gift card

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