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Types of woods we use in our wood watches

Wood Watches are 100% Natural wood watches made from reclaimed and  reused woods of various varieties from around the world.So what kinds of wood Shifenmei wooden watch use in our wood watches?


Bamboo, a wide variety of perennial grasses, is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean and Pacific Islands. There are many species, some low and grassy, some tall and large, growing. Rapidly, it is the fastest growing plant in the world. The origin is in China.

Maple wood, with more than 150 varieties in the world, is widely distributed, producing in North America, Europe, Northern Africa, Eastern and Central Asia. Maple color is milky white to white. Sometimes with a light reddish brown color, the western wood is mostly grayish brown. The wood is compact.

Olive wood,the density is high, the olive wood is very solid, the hardness is high, the sawing is easy to process, the silicon is easy to be blunt saw; the adhesive and dyeing performance are good; the olive wood combined with its own beautiful texture can create an unparalleled beauty.Olive wood watch.

Zebra wood, also known as Wujinmu, has a gorgeous texture that people appreciate. The tree species are distributed in tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions of the world. They are mainly produced in tropical Asia and Africa. The wood is tough and not easy to crack and deform.

Red oak wood is derived from the American red oak tree and belongs to the deciduous tree of Quercusrubra. It is native to the eastern United States. The wood of red oak wood has rich texture and color, which can be used for multi-purpose use.

Teak wood is a tropical tree that requires higher temperatures and is native to Myanmar, Thailand, India and Indonesia. Teak has strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, shiny and beautiful, beautiful patterns and good stability.

Walnut wood is a better quality wood, mainly produced in North America and Europe, Southeast Asia. The strength of walnut wood is relatively high, that is, the wood is relatively hard. Processed by hand and machine tools.

Black sandalwood, produced in tropical rain forests, has a very slow growing season, extremely precious wood, fine materials, high density, small and rare brown eyes, and the highest hardness. Suitable for engraving, crafts, mahogany furniture, inlaid decorations, chess pieces, brush rods, handles, crutches and woodwinds. The material is better han ebony.

Wenge wood, the national standard mahogany, the string cut surface of the wood heartwood, named after the chicken wings ("V" shape), is the precious wood for making high-end furniture, ornaments and ornaments.


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