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I purchased a new watch, which is made of wood.

Although people now have cell phones, most people choose watches. One big advantage of watches is convenience. Products such as cell phones are smaller and thinner than watches, and let's not forget that watches were originally created for convenience. When you wash your hands, lift your hands to know the time, and do not have to wait for dry hands and then pull out the phone and then open the screen; when you work outdoors, your hands may be very dirty, if you use the phone to see the time you may have to wash your hands; when you drive, lift your hands to see how convenient the time, take out the phone to see the time is not only a matter of time but also increases the danger.

People tend to choose watches only focus on the appearance of the watch, but many times a good-looking watch is not necessarily comfortable to wear. For example, my previous watch, a steel quartz watch with a steel strap, looked very elegant, but it was very hard to wear. Not to mention that the overall watch is heavy, mainly because I am a person with long sweat hair, that steel strap always pinch my sweat hair, it really hurts ......

So I think it's important to choose a watch that not only looks good but also is comfortable to wear. shifenmei wood rhyme simple to quartz watch, the unique steel back and logs match, creating a unique flavor, and the texture of the wood is naturally formed, so each watch can be said to be the only one of its kind.


In terms of packaging, the wood rhyme simple to quartz watch maintains the simple design of the rice system products, and from the picture there is no difference with ordinary metal watches.

Inside the box, in addition to a watch, there is a small strip of stuff, which is actually a strap remover and some spare accessories.

Handcrafted from 100% natural zebra wood and ebony. The classic vintage design makes you more deep and charming, easily handling various business and party events. Each wooden watch has a unique wood grain with distinctive features. This makes it the perfect gift for that special someone on special days like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

The dial size of the Wooden Rhythm Jane to Quartz is 40mm, and the design of the dial is very simple, with a very clear black scale on the original wooden dial. The black and wood-colored interval strap shows a unique style.

Take a look at the material of this original wood. The dial case and strap are both designed with ebony wood, and the structure is divided into sections like a regular steel strap. But the log material itself is milder, more comfortable to the skin, and very light weight, no burden to wear. You can see the texture on the strap is very clear, and the wood grain in each place is unique and very beautiful. The back can be completely DIY engraved, customize a special watch for your loved one.

The Shifenmei Wood Rhyme Jane to Quartz watch features a quick release design that allows users to easily change the strap. The movement is an original imported Japanese movement, which is very accurate, and I have been wearing it for about a week with almost no errors.

The watch band is relatively long when it first arrives, and it is large for a strong man like me to wear, so I need to use the band remover to shorten the band a bit. Each section of the strap is secured with a "rivet" like metal, which can be easily removed with the strap remover. After removing about 4 sections, the watch will fit right in your hand again. Don't throw away the strap.

The overall feeling of the watch on the wrist is very comfortable, the wood material is not as cold as the metal, even in winter, there will be a sense of warmth. And compared to the metal, the texture of the wood is also more elegant, looks elegant. Shifenmei also has a luminous pointer watch, which I didn't choose, but I will choose to buy it afterwards to make it easier for me to watch the time in the dark.

Overall I like this watch very much, it is more suitable for young people to wear than steel watches, the simple and atmospheric design, the elegance brought by the wood rhyme, all make the overall tone look more tasteful. The quartz watch is highly accurate and does not need to be used as a force, which is also suitable for lazy people like me. I wonder if you like this wooden watch as much as I do?

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